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With our experience in ISO 9000 quality programs, EMS 14001, Responsible Care ® , process safety, and risk management program development and auditing we can:

VALUE ADDED SERVICE: Our management professionals have developed a software database that correlates your company's policies or procedures, one by one, with existing regulations, standards, certification requirements, or client or corporate requirements. The existing modules will allow correlation of company

OHSAS 18000 and EMS 14001 is for proactive organizations that wish to establish an Occupational Safety & Health program and/or an Environmental Management System (or enhance an existing one) to minimize risk associated with their activities. It allows companies to become recognized as leaders in their approach to safety and environmental issues.  In addition, it has the added benefit of having certification/registration by a qualified registrar.

More and more companies are finding out that certification in a standard program is the way to go to better manage environmental, health, and safety performance. Participation in programs like ISO 9001-14000 has proven popular because they provide an industry standard that is readily recognized and accepted. Required third party verification of those programs adds to their value and to industry and government acceptance.

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