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Our professional staff has assisted international clients in major incident investigations, technical evaluations of facilities, and provided expert witness support in several high profile cases. Each case is reviewed on a stand-alone basis and is measured against our professional ethical standards before a decision to proceed is made.

ASC also conducts liability assessments for SMEs that may be unsure about regulatory obligations or the maximum amount of hazardous materials they may have on site. A liability assessment provides operators with a clear and concise understanding of their obligations and any options they may have under current safety and environmental regulations.
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Large corporations that may have experienced significant growth due to acquisitions or mergers may be unaware of the safety, health and environmental performance or outstanding obligations of acquired facilities. Having ASC conduct a comprehensive liability assessment prior to your next acquisition could save millions of dollars in unforeseen safety, health, and environmental liabilities. An experienced ASC staff member is always available to provide: Our engineers understand the impact of the Carmichael v. Kumho Tire ruling.  ASC agrees that an expert's experience and training alone is not enough to justify admissibility of testimony.  Our experts are able to support their opinions with specific scientific arguments.  We feel that this is vital to preventing "questionable" testimony and evidence from swaying juries' decisions.  All our staff are experienced, credible professional witnesses that present proven testimony in layman's terms to better enhance the jury's understanding of complex engineering systems and concepts.

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