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Successful risk management begins with a complete understanding of risk exposure. While risk assessment tools may provide an adequate profile of risk, effective risk management is only achieved through understanding risk. Our risk management services concentrate on assisting clients with understanding their unique risk exposures and providing the tools and knowledge needed to mitigate known risk to an acceptable level.

The risk management professionals at ASC extend an offer to update your RMP. Using our extensive database of chemical experience, ASC will provide the most cost effective response to RMP updates. Contact us ( )  for our technical approach and cost basis so that you may compare us with other sources as well as the cost associated with updating  your RMP internally.

Once identified, managing risk may be as simple as defining a risk-ranking matrix for assessing tolerable risk. This typically involves using a semi-quantitative technique to describe consequence impact and likelihood or probability of occurrence. ASC has the tools to help companies identify risk and the experience to help successfully manage risk.  Industry accepted modeling programs and  cutting edge techniques, such as the unit operations PHA protocol, help ASC finish jobs quickly without sacrificing accuracy or quality.
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For more complex processes a formal quantitative methodology may be needed. The QRA begins with the identification of unwanted events. The consequences of each event are then calculated for various combinations of conditions that could affect the outcome. These outcomes are then combined with the event probabilities to provide a numerical assessment of risk.

Whether you are developing a risk management program to comply with EPA requirements or desiring a quantitative risk assessment, you will want to deal with professionals who know how to conduct the assessment and safeguard your business interests. ASC and its qualified professionals meet these needs for you. Contact us and we will show you how to impact your profits through managing risk.

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