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Enactment of the OSHA Process Safety Management standard (29 CFR 1910.119) prompted a shift toward the protection of process industry workers at sites with specified highly hazardous chemicals. The standard empowered companies to develop tailored programs to manage safety activities specific to their sites. However, over time, many have degenerated into unmanageable paper systems.

The PSM professionals at ASC de-mystify the intent of OSHA's prevention program so that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities and programs do not degenerate into a complex array of paper systems. This leads to a more efficient program that can maintain continuous employee involvement and thus improved performance
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At ASC, technical strength and broad industrial operations and management experience is our basis for offering a full range of process safety consulting services. We place special emphasis on the cost-effective application of sustainable management systems for personnel and operational safety, plant reliability, and enhanced profitability, while ensuring regulatory compliance. Our experience encompasses

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