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The inadvertent release of energy sources, including the release of toxic and flammable materials, is a primary factor in virtually all property losses. We understand the object of any viable loss control program must be to control the inadvertent release of energy sources and to quickly minimize the effects of releases once they occur.

ASC has developed review protocols for various industrial applications. These protocols are designed to facilitate quick identification of failure potentials that may result in the inadvertent release of an energy source and thus if used on a routine basis will lead to greater mindfulness regarding workplace hazards.

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Safety management programs such as those implemented for loss control can degenerate into complex paper work systems without active employee involvement. At ASC, we use assertive risk based methodologies and techniques to involve employees in the identification of control loss exposures. This process has been successfully applied to clients ranging from SME (small and medium enterprise) sites to large petrochemical complexes.

Facility owners and operators face various risks that often result in unplanned losses. Insurance is a means of transferring some of the risk, but coverage for loss of production can be cost prohibitive for many companies. An aggressive Loss Control program can help increase overall business profitability through assessing foreseeable risk and identifying cost-effective means of controlling loss potential.
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