Project Experience

Selected Project Experience

Process Hazard Analysis

ASC, as an independent third-party, recently facilitated a HAZOP Study for a world-scale (2,200 MTPD) ammonia plant in New Delhi , India .  The plant is being designed  for construction in Western Australia 's Burrup Peninsula .

Process Hazard Analysis

ASC, as an independent third-party, facilitated a detailed design process hazard analysis for a world-scale ethylene plant in Yokohama , Japan .  The plant is being designed and constructed by a consortium of international companies for JUPC in Saudi Arabia .

NSRPD Disaster Review

ASC assisted in the development of a NSRPD (New Source Review Permits Division) Disaster Review for the installation of a "CrystaSulf" process using sulfur dioxide at a Texas refining facility.   Plan and accompanying consequence analysis data were submitted to the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission.

Specialty Chemical Process Safety Management Audit

ASC has led several PSM Compliance Audits since the advent of the PSM Standard.  Most recently, ASC facilitated a PSM Compliance Audit for a specialty chemical process manufacturer.  Process involved the manufacturer of photographic litho plates using flammable etching materials.

Expert Opinion in Process Safety Management

Provided professional opinions in process hazard analysis and management of change issues for US-DOL OSHA Solicitors Office for citations levied against a large Petrochemical Complex in Houston , Texas .

Expert Opinion in Process Safety and Risk Management

Provided professional opinions in the areas of hazard analyses and risk assessments for an International Oil and Gas Company defense in Australia .  Case involved the Longford Refinery accident that resulted in fatalities and significant plant damage.

Selective Catalytic Reactor (SCR) Support

Conducted third party evaluation of anhydrous ammonia installation for SCR installation in Canada .   Study included ammonia storage siting, supply line routing and evaluation of initial PHA.

Hazard & Operability Study

ASC has facilitated numerous HAZOP Studies and process hazard analyses.  Most recently, ASC provided third party facilitation of a grassroots ethylene plant.  Other studies include polyolefins units, sulfur recovery units, HF alkylation, 1-Hexene plant, anhydrous ammonia storage, ammonia refrigeration units, chlorine storage facilities, polyethylene production, exploration and production facilities, gas processing plants, SCR installations, etc.

EPA 40 CFR Part 68 Risk Management Program Support

Supported the development and implementation of risk management programs for chemical complexes, public utilities, anhydrous ammonia refrigeration facilities, and petrochemical plants through preparation of dispersion modeling and consequence analysis for units containing listed chemicals.

Chemical Demilitarization Risk Assessment Project Support

Conducted explosion/over-pressure study resulting from worst-case scenario studies of catastrophic reactor failure associated with Super Critical Water Oxidation process.

Facility Siting Study

ASC has prepared several facility siting studies and evaluations.  Our most recent study involved refining operations.   API Recommended Practice 752 was used as a guide document for the study.  Assessment included consequence analysis, dispersion and overpressure modeling of production and volatile material storage.



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