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ASC understands that in today's economy we must provide better quality, higher value, and be more responsive to our client's issues. We attribute our success in these areas to our people and innovative solutions.

ASC works with the following staff of professionals.

Michael E. Sawyer, P.E., CSP - ASC, Inc.

Texas A&M University , BS in Safety Engineering
Wilson Technical College , Fire Science Studies
Registered Professional Engineer, Texas and Massachusetts
Certified Safety Professional, System Safety Aspects

Mr. Sawyer has over 20 years of experience in the areas of process safety, risk assessment, and loss control engineering. He has assisted petrochemical, refining, water treatment, and refrigeration facilities in the development and implementation of process safety and risk management programs. In addition, he has participated in numerous risk studies for chemical process, manufacturing, and storage facilities throughout the US , Mexico , Asia , and South America .

Mr. Sawyer has conducted studies into explosion characteristics, toxic dispersion modeling, and consequence analysis of highly hazardous chemicals. He has participated on accident investigation teams and provided litigation support for various industries and regulatory agencies. He is the author of several technical papers and publications on hazard analysis and risk assessment techniques.

Jack Chosnek, PhD, P.E., Knowledge One (Technology/Knowledge Management)

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, BS in Chemical Engineering
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, MS in Chemical Engineering
University of Missouri-Rolla, PhD in Chemical Engineering
Texas A&M University, MBA

Dr. Chosnek is a process safety manager over 25 years experience in the Chemical industry. He is proficient in all aspects of process safety, process engineering, and maintenance technology.  He is adept in leading multi-disciplinary teams and obtaining objective-based results.  He is fluent in conversational and technical Spanish, and Hebrew.  His specialties are process safety management program implementation, risk assessment/risk management, and auditing.

Dr. Chosnek's experience has involved a range of projects including environmental, and safety assignments.  He held positions as Technology Program Leader and Process Safety Coordinator for Celanese.  In addition, Dr. Chosnek conceptualized, developed, and implemented process improvements at Celanese that resulted in large savings and for which patents have been awarded.

Jack McVaugh, P.E., REM Environmental Technology & Management

University of Delaware , BS in Chemical Engineering
University of Delaware , MS in Civil (Environmental) Engineering
Registered Professional Engineer, Wisconsin
Registered Environmental Manager, National Registry of Environmental Professionals

Mr. McVaugh has over 21 years of environmental, business, and operations management experience gained at the corporate, business unit and plant levels.  He has established and directed cross-functional organizations to reduce waste, operating, and compliance cost, and improve product quality.  He has implemented environmental management, total quality management and ISO 9000 systems for numerous companies.  His consulting focuses on building effective environmental management systems ( EMS 's) which can be integrated with business and quality management processes for greater efficiency.

Mr. McVaugh is a member of ISO Technical Committee 207 which is developing the ISO 14000 series of environmental management standards, and has a working knowledge with ISO 9000 standards.  He is also an adjunct lecturer at the University of Houston , Clear Lake School of Business and Public Administration.   In addition, he is a contract EMS certification auditor for a major US-based registrar.

Guss Daniel Tau - Information Technology

University of Houston , BS in Information Technology
Certified Project Manager (Management and Technology University)
Information Technology Professional
Certified Siebel Systems consultant

Mr. Tau has over 26 years of experience in the Information Technology arena. His experience ranges from complex information technology system design, database analysis and creation, project management, training, and business analysis.  He has numerous years of experience in implementing information technology projects for multi-national companies.  Mr. Tau is currently involved in the internet base design of process safety and risk management systems and applications for training and auditing/gap analysis. 

He is fluent in English and Spanish both verbal and written.  Mr. Tau has facilitated projects in Latin America as well as in the United States and throughout Europe .  He has also developed computerized training applications of complex subject matters for numerous companies world-wide.

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