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ASC Incorporated is founded on the premise that there is a need for quality professional engineering solutions to both novel and complex industrial matters. We recognize that in today's competitive global economy safety and risk management solutions must provide a high benefit to cost ratio in order for our clients to realize improved profits and cost savings. Each client is unique to us in that we strive to provide the utmost benefit by concentrating on project quality and responsiveness to our clients needs.

The utmost in SERVICE, ACCOUNTABILITY, PERFORMANCE, and INTEGRITY are our objectives. No exceptions, no compromises. Our responsibility is to ensure that our professional ethics, attitudes, and actions serve our clients' best business interests. The professionals at ASC understand; "do what you say you are going to do."  We expect our clients to hold us accountable for our work. Failure to deliver is simply not an option at ASC. Our projects are not complete until we meet or exceed our clients' expectations. And perhaps our most endearing feature is no hidden agendas. We prize integrity -both with ourselves and with our clients.



1301 Regents Park Dr, Suite 101, Houston, Texas, 77058 - Tel: (281) 488-1507 - Fax: (281) 488-1506

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