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Most of ammonia produced worldwide is used for fertilizer. However, it has numerous other industrial applications. These applications range from use as a refrigerant in Food Processing facilities to use in Selective Catalytic Reactors for NOX removal.

ASC has a tremendous breadth of expertise in the industrial uses and applications of anhydrous ammonia systems. Experience includes site assessments, emergency preparedness, hazard analysis, dispersion modeling, and consequence analysis.

Process safety management requirements apply equally to ammonia refrigeration facilities and other facilities handling highly hazardous chemicals. However, the PSM regulation was prepared primarily to control operations in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Ammonia facilities often find it difficult to apply the PSM regulation to their operations. In collaboration with several resources and after several years of PSM experience, ASC developed a Process Safety Management Program Model for Anhydrous Ammonia Refrigeration Systems.' This model is available free of charge by contacting ASC

We also understand that many anhydrous ammonia users, particularly in the Food Industries, are SMEs that have limited HSE resources. Our primary focus, whether assisting a large client or a privately owned SME, is to facilitate an understanding of ubiquitous hazards and risks in the workplaces where ammonia is present.

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