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The oil and natural gas industry has two main components, the upstream producing sector and the downstream refining and marketing sector. The upstream sector includes exploration and production. The downstream refining sector consists of pipeline systems, refineries, and gas distribution.

Under the current economic climate, operators must strive to maximize profits and satisfy shareholders in the mist of tighter margins, increased environmental regulatory pressure, and constant fluctuations of demand in the world markets. Those that survive must be more competitive through being conscience of emerging trends and ways of improving efficiencies. Often these financial demands overshadow safety and environmental issues. ASC believes this is because in the past safety and environmental programs were designed to merely meet regulatory requirements rather than designed as a tool for maximizing profits.

ASC believes that accidental release prevention and emergency response policies should be ingrained in the fundamentals of a refinery's process safety prevention program. This allows similar programs to share resources and complement each other, thus minimizing expense and increasing effectiveness. Loss potentials can be reduced only through identifying risk and having a thorough understanding of the risk potentials. Our goal is to assist our refining clients in developing program strategies specific to their operations that will manage safety and environmental issues as an integral part of daily operations.

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